FP Centrifugal Pump Increases Uptime

Recently an American maker of fruit spreads and fruit juice beverages turned to Fristam when it sought to replace the ten pumps running on its grape juice evaporating line.

According to the processor, not only were the pumps old, they were we poorly supported by the manufacturer and difficult to get parts for. Additionally the old pumps required them to stop production at least every 8-hours to run a hot water flush to remove the Tartrate that would naturally build up on the inside the pumps during grape juice processing.

Upon reviewing the specifications, Fristam FP centrifugal pumps were recommended for the application. Fristam was confident the FP pumps would handle the required duties without issue and provide many years of reliable service. Since the grape harvesting season is only a couple months long, anything this processor could do to minimize downtime during that period directly affected their bottom line.

After installing the FP centrifugal pumps, the processor informed Fristam the pumps were 100% reliable, met all process requirements, and cleaned significantly better than their previous pumps. The high efficiency, hygienic design of the Fristam pumps and their internal mechanical seals slowed build-up of Tartrate within the pumps and increased the processor’s run time between cleaning by 50%.

As the processor told Fristam, “The old pumps would only let us run a maximum of 8 hours, but with the new Fristam pumps we were able to run 12 hours between hot water rinses.” This increase in run time in between cleaning cycles increased production and allowed the processor to run their facility for 10 fewer days out of a production season as well as reduce its water consumption.

Having recently completed their second season of production with the Fristam FP pumps in service, this processor has reported that they are very impressed with the reliability of the Fristam pumps and the cost savings associated with saving two weeks of production time compared to previous seasons.

FP Specs

Models 26
Max. Discharge Pressure 180 psi (12.4 bar)
Max. Flow Rate 900 gpm (3400 lpm)
Max Viscosity 1,200 cps
Other Features Pedestal mount
Centrifugal Pump Options

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