Prepared Food and Baking

Fristam offers a wide variety of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, and blenders to meet your production needs in the food and baking industry.

High-Performance Alloys Protect Against Corrosion
Options for Kolsterising® and tungsten carbide coating, along with alloys Hastelloy® and AL-6XN®, make Fristam pumps more resistant to internal wear.

Chocolate and Confection
The FKL is a favorite for abrasive products, including chocolate and fruit puree. In fact, Fristam has developed a special jacketed single seal and rotor clearances for chocolate processors.

De-gassing covers are available to allow Fristam PDs to pump dough and products with entrained air.

The FS Shear Blender gives you a consistent blend, every time. It can be configured to produce your ideal particle size.

The FKL's robust design, material options, and gentle handling make it ideal for peanut butter, nougat, and fruit puree.


Positive Displacement Pumps Family

Learn about our complete line of positive displacement pumps. We offer a wide variety of pumps to meet your production needs.

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