Personal Care

Fristam offers a wide variety of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, and blenders to meet your production needs in the personal care industry.

As important, we have the most experienced and knowledgeable people to ensure that you get expert help in choosing and applying the right pump, mixer, or blender for your needs. 

Fristam Pumps USA designs and manufacturers all our equipment in Middleton, Wisconsin to provide you with high quality products, timely deliveries, and exceptional local support. 

Mixing & Blending for the Personal Care Industry

Improve product texture and reduce processing time with Fristam mixers and blenders.

Shampoo & conditioner
Lotion & cream
Toothpaste & mouthwash
Oil, fragrance, & perfume
Body washes & scrubs
Cosmetic coloring
Deodorant & antiperspirant
Liquid soap
Lip balm & lipstick
Liquid foundation

Featured Product: FDS Twin Screw Pump

The FDS pumps the widest range of products gently and reliably, from low to high viscosity and dedicated duty to batch-blend processes.

The FDS is built for lasting performance with large, stable shafts and screws; high-precision bearings; and superior oil circulation that holds up under extreme conditions. The FDS is easy to maintain, thanks to its front loading seal and easy casing, cover, and screw removal design.


• Dual duty product and CIP pumping eliminates extra pumps, piping, and valves
• Excellent suction for drum unloading and continuous feed for pulse-free delivery
• Efficient at a wide range of viscosities and can handle large particles or entrained air


$200K + Savings a Year With Fristam FDS Twin Screw Pump

Read how the versatile FDS pump saves a cosmetics company $200K + yearly.


Powder Mixer Drops Blending Time by 90%



See how a global cosmetics maker improved their product and processing time with the Powder Mixer.


FS Saves $400K in Ingredients

Learn how the FS was able to save a lotion manufacturer $400,000 by reducing ingredient waste


Powder Mixer Reduces Processing Time by 67% and Improves Product Quality


Find out how the Powder Mixer saved one shampoo maker 30-40 hours a week and improved their process.


Blending Times by Reduced by 90% with Powder Mixer


Discover how a Carbopol processor saves 2,000+ hours yearly with the Powder Mixer.