FKL Yields $100K in Curd Profits


An increase in yield of 3% doesn't sound earth-shattering until you do the math.

A 70,000 lb vat of curd and whey might produce 7,500 lbs of cheddar cheese curd. The percentage of solids is already small, so increasing that by any amount directly impacts the bottom line. This was the challenge for a major U.S. cheese producer.

The key was to find a means of transferring the curd without damaging it. As pieces become too small, they're rendered useless for finished cheese. The answer came in the form of Fristam Pumps' FKL positive displacement pump. It was large enough for the size of production, efficient enough to maintain performance, and gentle enough to retain the integrity of the product.

Again, 3% may not sound impressive. But, run this production once or twice a day for a year and the 3% more cheese can increase profits by $100,000.

It's not just cheese. A variety of food producers can realize higher yields. Reduced waste should be expected. Profits can, in fact, be increased. You can be the person to do it. Let Fristam help.


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