Seamless Seal Changeover


FKL seals are completely contained within a cartridge. They can be preassembled and shelved for easy, one-piece replacement.

Additionally, no housing or pump modification is needed to change the Fristam FKL from a single seal to a double seal or from an O-ring seal to a mechanical seal.

Offset Rotor Bolts


Traditional rotor nuts can back-off when pumping viscous products. Once loose, they can severely damage pumps. The FKL is equipped with offset rotor bolts that lessen the unwinding force of the product.

As it rotates eccentrically, the bolt provides natural agitation to promote cleanability in the cavity.

Extended Housing Studs

    The long housing studs guide the housing past the shaft during assembly and disassembly to protect against housing-to-shaft contact to prevent accidental seal and shaft damage.