Tired of Rebuilding Your PD Pump Every 6-9 Months?

Pump rebuild programs sound great at first—send it back, get a ‘remanufactured’ pump at a discount. This may seem like a deal, until you find yourself paying 2-3 times as much over the life of your pump.

Instead of paying again and again to rebuild your pump, choose one that is designed and built to last.

Choose a pump that can withstand as much as three times the pressure of your old pump so that it won’t rub and wear out. Choose a pump with shafts that are guaranteed for life to never break.

FKL COP Eliminates $108K in Rebuild Costs

Find out how the FKL COP helped a poultry processor eliminate rebuild costs and downtime


FKL COP Eliminates Downtime + Rotor Replacement

Learn more about how the FKL COP was able to eliminate downtime and rotor replacement for an almond butter processor


FKL Eliminates $35K Rebuilds


Discover how one tomato processor achieved 100% uptime and eliminate costly pump rebuilds with the FKL.