At Fristam Pumps, we are passionate about our products. We take pride in our ability to respond to customer needs through local manufacturing.

Some companies claim their products are made locally or "Made in the USA." At Fristam Pumps USA, we mean it.

Fristam pumps are designed by our in-house engineers. Our Research and Development group is continually making improvements based on customers' needs.

Fristam pumps are manufactured in Middleton, WI. From raw stock, parts are machined to precise tolerances and polished by experienced technicians.

All of this is done on-site, including assembly, testing, and shipping to ensure that our finished pumps are the highest quality, time after time.

High quality control and complete capabilities makes Fristam Pumps USA flexible and responsive to customers. Plus, our delivery time is much quicker than other companies.

If you are ever in Middleton, Wisconsin, you are always welcome to stop by for a tour. You will see first hand the pride we have in delivering  you the best product and best service in the industry.