FZX: Designed For CIP Return

With its specially designed impeller and housing, the FZX Series maintains its prime when other pumps become air-bound. This feature, combined with its ability to produce a vacuum, makes it an excellent CIP return pump as complete removal of fluids is required.

Replaces Centrifugal Pump/Air Eliminator Combinations

Because the FZX can pump CIP solution containing air, it replaces centrifugal pumps and the need for air eliminators and check valves on the discharge. With the FZX, processors no longer have to deal with caustic cleaning solution being discharged onto the floor.

Reduces Water and Chemical Usage
The FZX pump requires less fluid to charge a system. It also reduces residual water and CIP solution left in lines and vessels and decreases soiling of wash water through better evacuation of pre-rinse.

Replaces Multiple CIP Pumps
A single FZX pump can handle the CIP return of multiple tanks, eliminating the need for one CIP pump per tank.

Beyond CIP Return, the FZX is effective in other applications, as well.

FZX Specs

Models 7
Max. Discharge Pressure 100 psi (7 bar)
Max. Flow Rate 400 gpm (90 m3/hr)
Max Viscosity 5,000 cps
Other Features Self-priming


“Our tank cleaning problems disappeared. The pump not only removed all the water from the tanks, but also helped pull remaining water and solution from the lines.” – Pennsylvania Dairy Processor