WFI: Water For Injection Centrifugal Pumps

Fristam is the industry leader for WFI and other high-purity service. Fristam WFI centrifugal pumps are a precision adaptation of our FP, FPX, and FPR pumps. They feature an advanced seal design that protects product sterility, saves valuable product and provides for long seal life.

Fristam pioneered a pressurized double seal flush system that maintains positive pressure in the critical seal area to ensure product sterility and prevent flashing. The front seal flush is a recirculation loop, which saves valuable product. The internal seal design provides extra cooling and lubrication on the front seal face to significantly extend seal life and provide for more system uptime.

Numerous seal and piping configurations, including single seal piping, are available to meet your processing requirements.

Fristam WFI pumps are cleanable and self-draining for CIP and SIP.




WFI-Compatible Centrifugal Pumps

Fristam centrifugals pumps have long been the sanitary industry's benchmark for quality and performance.

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