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From gentle transfer to pumping frozen butter, the Fristam FKL positive displacement pump can handle almost anything. Large-capacity FKL pumps have become the PD of choice for yogurt and cheese curd processing. Their gentle transfer capabilities allow the FKL to keep production running and maintain product integrity for better yield. 




Increased Yield Produces $100,000 in Profits

An increase in yield of 3% doesn't sound earth-shattering until you do the math.

A 70,000 lb vat of curd and whey might produce 7,500 lbs of cheddar cheese curd. The percentage of solids is already small, so increasing that by any amount directly impacts the bottom line. This was the challenge for a major U.S. cheese producer.


FKL 580 'Curd Pump' Reduces Fines

Despite its versatility in the dairy industry, the FKL positive displacement pump has been nicknamed the "Curd Pump."

With the introduction of the FKL 580 model, cheese manufacturers have found a winning combination of size and cleanliness. The 580 is one of the largest CIP'able, 3-A PD pumps available, with a displacement of 1.82 gallons/revolution through 6" ports.

Processors in many areas have made the change from a sinusoidal and rotary PD pumps to the Fristam FKL. The yield has increased, as well.

At one facility in the Midwest, FKL 580s were pumping whey from fortified milk for mozzarella production (prior to the clarifier and separators). The yield has increased 0.5%, translating to tens of thousands of dollars per year.

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FKL 580: New Pump Designed and Built in One Year

As with many innovations at Fristam Pumps, the FKL 580 was born of customer need.

A large processor in the southwestern United States had a cheese curd production facility and wanted to expand its capacity. The simple answer was to add more vats and lines.

Overworked PD
The sinusoidal PD pumps that were in operation had been running at the high end of their capacity, spinning at up to 500 RPM. The overworked pumps required yearly rebuilds, sending maintenance costs soaring.

The company explored rotary-style PD pumps with higher capacity. They considered the FKL 600, which has a displacement of 2.24 gallons/revolution.

Thanks, But No Thanks
Though it cleaned well, it was not originally designed to 3-A standards. It was imperative that any new pumps the company installed were completely in-place cleanable. [NOTE: the FKL 600 has since been designated as CIP'able by 3-A (with rotors removed).]

So, Now What?
What if Fristam could provide large pumps that were certified CIP’able? That would be great, the company thought, but we need them in six months.

Is there any way Fristam could design, test, and build a pump like that in six months? The answer was simple: we’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

The Design
Rather than redesigning the FKL 600, Fristam engineers kept its gearbox, but designed a new pump head. Two months later, the concept for the 580 was completed. As the new pump was being manufactured, the company tested a 600 to see if an FKL could meet the suction lift requirements and handle the duty.  It did. They were impressed with the results and even noted that the pump ‘cleaned up well.’

Promise Delivered
Fristam engineers did manage to deliver four FKL 580s only six months later.

With a capacity of 1.82 gallons/revolution, the 580 met the demand while only running at 170 RPM. Running the pump slower than the previous pump (along with its circumferential piston design) caused less stress and wear on the pump, minimizing maintenance costs. Also the curd was not compromised. Taste, texture, and quality were preserved.

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FDS for Gentle Dairy Product Handling

The FDS is great for maintaining the integrity of delicate cheese products (cottage cheese, ricotta, feta) and sheer sensitive cultured products (sour cream, yogurt). Its ability to handle large particles makes it a favorite to pumps yogurt or ice cream mix with fruit inclusions.

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CIP Pumps 'Return' Savings

  • Less waste of product and CIP solution
  • Shorter process and CIP time
  • Safer handling of chemicals
  • Reduced water usage and environmental footprint
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Fast, High-Volume Mixing

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Dairy Fun Fact

A cow produces 6.3 gallons of milk a day, which equates to 350,000 glasses of milk in a lifetime