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Engineered for Lasting Performance

high quality sanitary stainless steel pumps & mixers

leading manufacturer of high quality sanitary stainless steel pumps.

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By controlling every step of the design and manufacturing process under one roof, we can ensure complete quality assurance.

Our locally sourced stainless steel and cast iron is inspected in its raw state to ensure quality and composition. This raw material progresses through our manufacturing facility, machined and polished to precise specifications by expert technicians. Pumps, blenders, and mixers are assembled and tested to exact protocols and shipped promptly.

The Fristam Challenge

Give us your most difficult, challenging application. You know the one that keeps you up at night wondering if you’ll get called in to keep production flowing at 2 a.m. With Fristam, you can sleep like a rock.

Performance Guarantee

Our application engineers will work with you to specify the best model and options to tackle your tough application so the pump will perform to your expectations.

The better a piece of equipment is, the less its on your mind. You know you can count on it, you know its gonna deliver the goods and its gonna be there for a long time.

Kirby Nelson - Wisconsin Brewing Company

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