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FS Shear Blender Doubles Yogurt Production

A Mexican dairy, renowned for making a variety of yogurts, was having difficulty producing their new Greek yogurt. Their initial processing set-up could not dissolve all the ingredients into the yogurt base properly. The result was a product with a lumpy texture that also separated once at the grocery store.

Realizing the unique demands of Greek yogurt, which requires higher shear for proper ingredient incorporation, they tried several other equipment technologies, with poor results.

The processor, already equipped with Fristam centrifugal pumps elsewhere in their facility, decided to follow their Fristam distributor’s recommendation to conduct a trial of a Fristam Shear Blender (FS Series) on the process.

The Fristam FS uses an intermeshed rotor/stator system that quickly and completely disperses particles into liquid in just one pass. The rotor’s teeth pass so close to the stator’s teeth at high speeds that a tremendous amount of turbulence is created. As centrifugal force pushes the product towards the outlet, the intensity of this turbulence ensures that all ingredients are thoroughly blended before exiting the FS. By installing an FS Shear Blender after an existing mix tank, processors receive a consistent, thoroughly blended product time after time, without having to make a change to their overall process or current equipment.

With the distributor onsite, a trial unit (model FS 3532 Shear Blender with a 25 HP motor) was installed after the mix tank to blend the yogurt. With a flow rate of approximately 190 liters per minute, differential pressure up to 6 bar and a product viscosity of 11,000 to 16,000 cP, the trial yielded superior results in terms of mixing efficiency and product texture compared to previously tested mixers and technologies. Due to its success, the processor then ordered two FS 3532 Shear Blenders for their system.

Fristam estimates that previously it regularly took the processor eight hours to produce 50,000 liters of Greek Yogurt at an acceptable texture. However, since they purchased the Fristam Shear Blender, we now estimate the facility can produce 100,000 to 200,000 liters of Greek yogurt within the same timeframe, while maintaining the proper texture and encountering no other operational issues.

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