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FS Blender

Inline Blender

Quick and Consistent Blending

FS Series Shear Blender for inline mixing, blends products quickly and consistently.

Compared to conventional methods, the Shear Blender shortens processing times significantly.

The Shear Blender’s rotor-stator design eliminates unblended product and prevents lumps and masses in product for consistent, repeatable results.

  • Improves product texture
  • Reduces processing time
  • Economical to operate and maintain
  • Low maintenance design for continuous duty and CIP

Easy Maintenance
Designed with a front-loading seal, the FS allows production personnel to service the blender in place.

Rotor/Stator Options for Diverse Applications

  • Blend
  • Emulsify
  • Disperse
  • Dissolve
  • Texturize
  • Reduce particle size

Anatomy of a Better Blend

The FS Shear Blender uses an intermeshed rotor/stator system to disperse particles into liquid. The rotating teeth pass within 0.5 mm of the stationary teeth at high speeds, causing a tremendous amount of turbulence. As centrifugal force pushes the product towards the outlet, the intensity of this turbulence ensures that all product must be thoroughly blended to exit the FS.

FSI Shear Pump: Pump and Blender in One

Fristam’s FSI Series Shear Pump is an impeller-style version of the Fristam FS Series Shear Blender. For applications requiring both pumping and mixing, Fristam’s FSI has an integrated impeller that provides high flow rates while still mixing your product. The FSI can also replace a pump and blender combination in many other processes, including finish/supplemental mixing. Designed with a front-loading seal, the FSI allows production personnel to service the pump in place.

FS Blender Model Specifications

Max Flow Rate

375 gpm (85 m3/hr)

Max Viscosity

30,000 cps

Max Tip Speed



Fix Your Mix
FS Maintenance Video w/ 757/758 Seal
FS Seal Change - Size 857/858

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