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Centrifugal Pump

High-Pressure Multi Stage

Long life, low maintenance.

The Fristam FM is a multi-stage, high pressure centrifugal pump that features high, non-pulsating flow for quality product and less maintenance.

The Fristam’s multi-stage centrifugals have been developed specifically to generate high pressures and operate under extreme pressure conditions.

Perfect for reverse osmosis and similar high pressure applications, this series is less costly to purchase and maintain than other types of high pressure pumps. Fristam’s high pressure centrifugals provide a steady non-pulsating flow which improves product quality and extends run time with less maintenance.

Capable of withstanding up to 1,000 PSI inlet pressure and available with up to four stages, the Fristam FM Series can be configured to meet your pressure and flow needs.

High-Flow Filtration

The FM5 is designed for today's larger filtration systems. It can deliver an average of 300 PSI in the 300-500 GPM flow range. This higher pressure and flow can decrease the number of feed pumps needed, reducing maintenance and saving space.

FM Model Specifications

Max Discharge Pressure

340, 1250 in stages psi (23.5, 86 bar)

Max Flow Rate

600 gpm (2270 lpm)

Max Inlet Pressure

1000 psi (69 bar)

Max Viscosity

600 cps

Files & Documentation

“The pump not only removed all the water from the tanks, but also helped pull remaining water and solution from the lines themselves.”

—Dairy Processor

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