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Centrifugal Pump

Standard Duty, Single Seal Only

The Industry Standard Centrifugal

The FPX Series centrifugal pump features the same high-performance pump head as the original FP Series, but without a pedestal mount. Since its introduction, the FPX has become an industry standard for most general applications. Available in single seal only, the FPX is the pump of choice for applications including product transfer; CIP supply; and pumping to fillers, separators, and heat exchangers.

Heavy-Duty Construction
A Fristam centrifugal pump’s housing, cover, and impeller are made from 316L stainless steel castings and forgings for more substantial
mass. Due to its solid construction, Fristam centrifugals can withstand more hydraulic shock and cavitation which can ruin a pump.

Internal Seal
Fristam’s unique internal seal uses the cooling and lubrication of the product to provide longer seal life.

Close Internal Clearance
Internal clearances are as tight as 0.5 mm, making the pumps highly efficient and very gentle on product.

Optimized Impeller
The ‘optimized vane angle’ design of Fristam impellers maximizes efficiency and allows for low NPSH requirements.

Fristam centrifugals run smoothly and quietly.

Long Seal Life

Fristam’s unique internal seal uses the cooling and lubrication of the product to provide longer seal life. Even under extreme conditions, Fristam’s seal life is often measured in years.

Self-Aligning Shaft

A self-aligning shaft design allows for easy installation and gapping on Fristam centrifugal pumps. The concentric collar on the shaft prevents run-out, protecting the seal from damage.

Pharmaceutical Options

All standard Fristam centrifugal pump stainless steel components are 316L. Special castings are available in low-ferrite stainless steel or high-performance alloys such as Hastelloy® and AL-6XN®. USP Class VI elastomers are standard for pharmaceutical applications, with perfluoroelastomers available. Seal material options include silicon carbide, chrome oxide-coated stainless steel, and carbon. Electropolishing and enhanced internal surface finishes to 15 Ra are available on most products. Casing drain and mounting options provide complete drainability critical for long-term system cleanliness. Pumps can be easily configured for steam-in-place sterilization, with no external cooling devices required.

FPX Model Specifications

Max Discharge Pressure

180 psi (12.4 bar)

Max Flow Rate

900 gpm (3400 lpm)

Max Viscosity

1,200 cps

Other Features

Single seal only


FP/FPX Maintenance Video

Files & Documentation

““...reliable, easy maintenance, very good centrifugal pump...””

—Maintenance Planner, Pharmaceutical Facility

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