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FS Blender

FS Saves 250 Downtime Hours Yearly

The process of creating pizza sauce may seem simple; however, blending tomatoes to create the proper consistency can pose a challenge for many processors.

One pizza manufacturer had to stop production several times a day to clear tomato pieces from their sauce depositing machine, causing downtime and inconvenience. They wanted to find a way to blend the larger chunks of the tomatoes without turning the sauce into a thin liquid.

Through a local equipment provider, the pizza manufacturer learned about Fristam’s FS shear blender. The FS shear blender provides consistent, repeatable blending through a series of intermeshed teeth, without the need to replace existing blending equipment. After learning about the FS, the processor decided to bring in an FS 3521 for a trial. The FS was easily added on to their current blending system, which consisted of a positive displacement pump transferring the sauce to a batch tank. It was able to reduce the size of the tomato chunks, without overworking the pizza sauce. This prevented the pizza sauce from having pieces that were too large for their sauce depositing machine.

Because the manufacturer was so impressed with their trial, they decided to order several FS Shear blenders for their facility. They will save an estimated 250 hours each year from the downtime eliminated by adding the FS to their blending system. Now, the processor continues to be impressed with the consistency of their pizza sauce and the time savings they experienced.

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