Fristam Celebrates Over 100 Years

Fristam was founded in 1868 and taken over in 1909 by the great grandfather of today's managing director Wolfgang Stamp. At that time, the North German company produced all types of machines for the dairy industry.

The first Fristam stainless steel pump was manufactured in 1931 – from the very start in compliance with the individual requirements of our customers. Since then the success of Fristam has been based on three principles: Quality, Flexibility and Innovation.

Over the generations, Fristam has established itself as a major manufacturer of high quality stainless steel pumps, blenders and mixers. Today, Fristam products can be found in many of the world's top beverage, brewing, bio-pharmaceutical and food processing companies. With an international network of manufacturing sites, sales offices and distributors, Fristam products are in service a respected as a benchmark of quality worldwide.

Fristam product development and company timeline:

1931 - Sheet Metal Pump
1936 - FP Investment Cast Pump
1948 - FZ Liquid Ring Pump
1953 - FK Positive Displacement Pump
1977 - Office and Manufacturing in U.S.A.
1981 - FM Multi-Stage Centrifugal
1987 - FPX Standard Duty Centrifugal
1992 - FL Positive Displacement Pump
1995 - FKL Positive Displacement Pump
1997 - FZX Liquid Ring Pump
2003 - Shear Blender
2004 - Powder Mixer
2004 - FPR Centrifugal Pump
2010 - FKL "A" Positive Displacement Pump