Fristam Mixing: Superior Technology


 Challenges with a Batch Mixer

  • Product may stick to the tank and never reach the agitator
  • Process time is measured in hours
  • Batch size is limited to the size of the tank


Challenges with a Funnel/Pump Combination

  • Relying on gravity/vortex/Venturi effect to force powder into liquid can lead to plugging as viscosity increases.
  • Pumping through a screen will not thoroughly blend your product.
  • Belts and bearings can cause maintenance headaches.

Why Fristam Is Better

The FS Shear Blender uses an intermeshed rotor/stator system to disperse particles into liquid. The rotating teeth pass within 0.5 mm of the stationary teeth at high speeds, causing a tremendous amount of turbulence. As centrifugal force pushes the product towards the outlet, the intensity of this turbulence ensures that all product must be thoroughly blended to exit the FS.


Rotating teeth (gray)
Stationary Teeth (red)
Product Flow (blue)

Devours Lumps and Clumps
All of your product is forced through the FS Shear Blender teeth at a controlled concentration to ensure a complete and consistent mix.

Blends in Minutes
Powders can be wetted and dispersed on the first pass through the Powder Mixer, dramatically reducing process times.

Processes Larger Batches
As the Fristam Powder Mixer is an inline system, the batch size is infinite.

 Why Fristam Is Better

High Intensity Blending
The FS Shear Blender uses high tip speeds and close clearances to create a highly turbulent mixing zone.

Consistent Consistency
The FZX creates constant suction for even flow to ensure a uniform product, even as viscosity increases.

Powder Mixer Increases Production and Eliminates Need for Additional Equipment


Hear how the Powder Mixer helped one food processor increase production and saved them plant space and money while eliminating the need for adding more tanks.