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CIP Rotor Removal for PD Pumps: CIP System (Part 3)

While pump design is critical to ensure its cleanability, it means nothing without a properly designed clean-in-place (CIP) system.

There are many aspects to a proper CIP systems, but let's focus on those that affect cleaning inside the pump.

  • Temperature
  • Flow Rate
  • Pump Speed
  • Differential Pressure

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CIP Rotor Removal for PD Pumps: Pump Design (Part 2)

Due to its tight internal clearances, it can be a challenge to adequately CIP a CP pump. Rotors can be removed, but as we mentioned in Part 1, there are costs and risks involved.

Choosing a pump design that minimizes the length of dead-leg to reach the affected area increases your ability to CIP the pump. 

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CIP Rotor Removal for PD Pumps: Dangers (Part 1)

It is common practice to remove positive displacement pump rotors for clean-in-place (CIP) preventative maintenance.


This practice and cause many problems:

• Damaged parts
• Worker injuries
• Product contamination
• Improper re-assembly

With a properly designed PD pump and CIP system, you can avoid these problems.

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