Inline Seal Changes

FPR Series centrifugal pumps reduce maintenance time and effort. Designed with a front-loading seal, the FPR allows production personnel to service the pump in place—processors no longer need to pull pumps out of line to change seals, single or double.


Easy Maintenance

Self-Aligning Shaft
The self-aligning FPR shaft design allows for easy installation and gapping. The concentric collar on the shaft prevents run-out, protecting from seal damage.

Less Maintenance Inventory
Only two seal sizes are needed to fit 25 FPR models. For each pump model, seal size remains the same regardless of motor size.

FPR pump shafts are designed to fit both the single and double mechanical seal arrangements. This reduces the number of shafts needed to stock for spare parts.

Simple Tools
No special tools are needed to service the FPR.


FPR Specs

Models 26
Max. Discharge Pressure 195 psi (13.4 bar)
Max. Flow Rate 2000 gpm (7570 lpm)
Max Viscosity 1,200 cps
Other Features Front-loading seal
Centrifugal Pump Options