FZX Applications

CIP Return
Beyond CIP Return, the FZX is effective in other specific applications, as well.

Pumping Aerated Products
The FZX’s ability to pump products containing large amounts of air without becoming air-locked allows for complete emptying of tanks and lines to minimize contamination between products. The pump not only removes product from tanks, it can also pull remaining foam and solution from lines saving product and money. Typical applications include ice cream mix, sweeteners, glycerin and reclaimed water.

Lifting Product
The FZX can produce signiÿ cant vacuum in the inlet piping and lift water up to 23 feet from drums and sumps. As a result, the FZX is ideal for drum and tote unloading and removing whey from cheese vats.

Pumping Shear Sensitive Products
At low back pressure, the wedge-shaped impeller openings and tight internal clearances enable the FZX to efficiently pump shear-sensitive products such as cream, liquid egg, and yeast.

At high back pressure, the FZX’s unique vane-shaped impeller, along with a throttling valve, imparts a smooth consistency to products like sour cream without overworking them. It can replace positive pump and homogenizing devices to smooth products like sour cream and yogurt.


“By installing the high-suction Fristam pumps, we are now able to empty our mix tanks completely. We are able to capture all of the foam.” – Ohio Ice Cream Maker

FZX Specs

Models 7
Max. Discharge Pressure 100 psi (7 bar)
Max. Flow Rate 400 gpm (90 m3/hr)
Max Viscosity 5,000 cps
Other Features Self-priming