How It Works: Powder Induction and Blending


Pull, Don't Push

The Fristam Powder Induction System utilizes the self-priming FZX series pump in combination with a restricting valve to create vacuum under a hopper to pull powder into the fluid stream. This vacuum can be maintained throughout the entire product run, ensuring your powder rate will remain consistent and fluid will not plug the funnel.

Traditional funnel-pump powder inductors rely on gravity, vortex or Venturi to push powder into fluid stream. These methods all require very specific control of the flow rate to maintain proper induction. As product viscosity changes, flow rate decreases, causing the pump to clog. Because the FZX is designed to pump entrained air, it will not lose prime or cause fluid to back up in the funnel. The result is consistent flow, no plugging and a well-blended product.

Operating the Fristam Powder Mixer


How It Works

  1. The FZX pump draws the fluid into the Powder Mixer.
  2. When the FZX pump is throttled at the suction side by the liquid control valve, a strong vacuum is generated below the hopper.
  3. This vacuum draws the powder directly into the fluid flow.  As this mixture passes through the FZX pump, mixing begins to take place.
  4. The FZX then pumps this premix through the FS Shear Blender where any remaining lumps are eliminated by high turbulence action.
  5. The product mixture leaves the Powder Mixer as a homogeneous solution.


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