Fristam Hops Dosing System


Simple, Safe Solution Since 2006
Over the past decade, the Fristam Hops Dosing System has proved itself to be a reliable and secure method to incorporate hops into finished beer.

Ergonomic and Safe
Its bottom-of-tank entry means no dangerous ladder climbing. No scissor lift. No bending to pour. No falling or dropping equipment from a mezzanine.

The Fristam system is portable, with locking wheels. Easily move the system between different tanks.

The modular version allows you to disconnect and use the FZX liquid ring pump for other daily duties, including yeast transfer and CIP return.

Maintain Your Beer Quality 

A unique CO2 blanket above the induction point ensures that oxygen exposure is minimized. The Fristam system achieves rates of ≤3ppb dissolved oxygen (DO). The continuous feed system allows you to run a full batch without starting and stopping.

Fristam’s system allows hops pellet induction with or without shear. You chose if you want to induct whole pellet hops or if you want to shred the pellets during dosing.

Match Your Process
The versatile Fristam system can:

  • incorporate whole or shredded pellets*
  • feed from a box or bulk feed
  • operate as an open or closed system
  • be built as a tabletop or modular unit

*Ask us about the pellet-shredding option that imparts more aroma with fewer hops.



To Shear or Not to Shear

To Shear…

Through the many hops addition applications we have done, this question comes up every time. The answer typically lies with the individual brewer. 

What we have found is that shearing the hops during addition with the Fristam Powder Mixer can impart as much as a 30% increase in the hops aroma. This is a great thing if you are looking to increase the hops essence in your beer, without adding more hops. Or in some cases where you want to maintain the same level of essence, but potentially use less quantity. 

While we say shear, what we are really talking about is breaking up the hops pellets to expose more surface area to the beer. This allows the hops oils to mingle with the beer more efficiently.

For brewers looking to increase their hops aroma and get every bit of flavor they can, they can utilize the Hops Dosing system with two pumps.



Not to Shear…

But for many brewers, they are simply looking for a solution to the ergonomic and safety issues with adding hops to the top of a very tall tank. 

A lot of breweries start out small, where the brewer can climb a couple steps and dump one or two boxes of hops into a short tank. But as these breweries grow, the tanks become taller and taller. This requires the building of tall platforms, or brewers climbing ladders or even the use of a mechanical lift to get the hops to the top of the tank.

We have also found that all hops do not behave the same. While some hops release more aroma by shearing, others can leave an off taste or grassy flavor to the beer when sheared. For the latter varieties you would want to avoid breaking the pellets up. You simply want to get them into the tank so the beer can soak on them. You would want to introduce the hops to your tank with as little shear as possible.

For brewers who are looking to take advantage of the ergonomics of the Fristam Hops Dosing unit, but do not want to shear their hops or alter the flavor of the beer, utilize the Hops Dosing system with one pump.


Hops Induction Video

Watch how Fristam’s Hops Dosing System incorporates hops into liquid. During the dry hopping process, pellets can be incorporated whole or shredded (as shown).

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PD Pumps

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