Prepared Food and Baking

Fristam offers a wide array of solutions to meet your food and baking production needs. Unlike other pumps, mixers, and blenders, Fristam has a wide variety of unique capabilities and a team of experts to help you along the way.

Our application engineers will work with you to specify the best model and options to tackle your tough applications, even those with abrasive products or entrained air. From low shear to high pressure, large particulates to small batches, Fristam has your perfect match.

Fristam also offers a variety of options and finishes, such as Kolsterising®, tungsten carbide coating, and alloys Hastelloy® and AL-6XN, to ensure your pump continues to handle your tough applications with ease.

Powder Mixer Resolves Safety Concern

Learn how a sucrose processor was able to resolve a major safety concern with the Powder Mixer.


FS Saves 250 Downtime Hours

See how Fristam's FS was able to save a pizza sauce processor 250 hours of downtime annually


FKL COP Eliminates $108K in Rebuild Costs

Find out how the FKL COP helped a poultry processor eliminate rebuild costs and downtime


Powder Mixer Reduces Mixing Time by 50%

Find out how Fristam's Powder Mixer was able to cut mixing times in half for a baking ingredient processor


FS Saves $500K+ in Equipment Costs

Learn how Fristam's FS Shear Blender was able to save a baking goods processor over $500K in equipment costs


FKL Pays for Itself on HFCS

Read how a major US confectioner saw the hassle-free FKL quickly pay for itself.


FKL Eliminates $35K Rebuilds


Discover how one tomato processor achieved 100% uptime and eliminate costly pump rebuilds with the FKL.