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A Full Toolbox

Sometimes when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

You're going to want to partner with a pump manufacturer that has a full toolbox.

Let's take a look a recent example of this. A major food ingredient manufacturer needed positive displacement pumps to move protein solutions.

Question 1: Do we go with a traditional set up of a PD pump for process and a separate CIP supply centrifugal pump for cleaning OR do we find a PD pump that can do both?

Choice 1: Let's use a PD pump that can do both. We can save money and space for this production line by finding a PD pump that can run at higher speeds to be utilized for CIP supply as well. In the world of sanitary PD pumps, this eliminates most technologies, specifically most rotary PD pumps (lobe or circumferential piston). Plus, we can eliminate extra piping and valves around the CIP pump.

Question 2: What are the choices for a dual-duty PD pump? How do we get the most bang for our buck?

Choice 2: A 'twin screw' is a type of PD pump that can perform both functions. Okay, now our choices down to only a few manufacturers' pumps. Before we even compare the different brands, is there is another option? Yes, actually. Fristam has developed a dual-duty pump meant for lighter duty. The FL3 is rotary PD pump but features unique helical rotors that allow it to create suction and provide high-speed flow with low pulsation. It is a lower cost alternative to a twin screw pump. The FL3 is limited, however, in that it provides a little less suction and operates at lower pressure and speed than a twin screw pump.

So, on less demanding production lines, we can use the FL3.When conditions are more difficult, when process pressures increase, we'll use Fristam FDS twin screw pumps. Overall, we'll save money. Only Fristam offers this solution.

Find the right tool for your job. Find the right pump for your application.



Fristam is known for making pumps that do not need to be taken apart for cleaning. They are designed for CIP. But our customers who insist upon strip cleaning daily or between batches asked us to make a COP pump and moreover, one that was easy to take apart, clean and reassemble while still being tough as nails. Here is the story. (press play above to watch)


Meet Your Perfect Match

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We also employ an expert staff of application engineers to help you determine the model that best fits your needs—from general transfer to heavy-duty, Fristam will make it easy for you to make the right choice the first time, and every time.

From low shear to high pressure, from large particulates to small batches, we have you covered.

Choose wisely. Choose Fristam.

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