Fristam FL3: Transfer and CIP in One PD Pump

Fristam’s FL3 pumps feature unique helix-shaped tri-wing rotary lobes, providing increased suction capabilities and virtually eliminating pulsation and reducing noise.

They ensure an almost perfectly steady product stream, with exceptionally gentle treatment of your product. The rotor design allows the pump to be run at higher RPM to accommodate higher flow cleaning of the system (CIP).

Gentle handling. CIP. The Dual duty FL3.



FL3 Applications

The suction capabilities and low pulsation of the Fristam FL3 positive displacement pump have proved ideal in a wide range of applications.
  • sour cream
  • orange juice concentrate
  • soft cheese
  • cognac
  • sparkling wine
  • liquid sugar
  • cheese curd
  • butter oil
  • glucose syrup
  • body milk
  • fruit
  • cream

Helical Rotor Design

FL3 Specs

Models 3
Max. Displacement 0.3 gal/rev
Max. Discharge Pressure 115 psi (8 bar)
Max. Flow Rate 220 gpm (833 lpm)
Max Viscosity 100,000 cps


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