Quality, Flexibility, Innovation

Founded in 1868
Fristam was founded in 1868 and taken over in 1909 by the great grandfather of today's managing director Wolfgang Stamp. At that time, the North German company produced all types of machines for the dairy industry.  

The first Fristam stainless steel pump was manufactured in 1931 – from the very start in compliance with the individual requirements of our customers. Since then the success of Fristam has been based on three principles: Quality, Flexibility and Innovation.

A leading manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel pumps
Over the generations, Fristam has established itself as the leading manufacturer of high quality sanitary stainless steel pumps. Today, Fristam pumps, mixers, and blenders can be found in many of the world’s top beverage, brewing, bio-pharmaceutical and food processing companies. With an international network of manufacturing sites, sales offices and distributors, Fristam products are in service and respected as a benchmark of quality worldwide. Fristam has been manufacturing in the U.S. for over 25 years.

Optimum Solutions
Fristam offers solutions precisely matched to your specific application. This approach ensures an optimal pumping, blending, or mixing system you can depend on.

Fristam’s Commitment
Fristam Pumps manufactures the sturdiest products in the industry. Our design reduces repair/replacement cost, downtime and energy consumption, and therefore yields high lifetime value. Fristam is one of the most accessible equipment companies in the world. Fristam’s dedication and quality service do not end with your initial purchase. An international network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and distribution supports Fristam’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Quality, Flexibility and Innovation
Fristam Pumps’ worldwide resources are committed to your needs. By starting with stringent guidelines for selecting materials and parts through precision machining and finishing, Fristam provides the high quality you have come to expect. Our manufacturing flexibility meets your application needs by providing the broadest range of models and options, as well as customized solutions for your special applications. By providing continuous innovation through research and development, Fristam will continue to provide you with the best choice for reliable performances and high lifetime value.