FDS Twin Screw Pump

In typical fashion, we have taken a proven technology and perfected it. By assembling a team of experienced twin screw pump experts and allowing them to design their dream pump, Fristam has developed the most robust and easy to maintain twin screw pump on the market.

By developing this exceptional pump, we intended to set new standards in twin screw technology. We started by rethinking the technical and functional principles of this highly sophisticated type of pump from the ground up and eliminated previously known issues associated with twin screw technology. We continued by thoroughly analyzing each and every component, refining the design until we had perfected its every aspect and every functionality. Our engineers placed special emphasis on simple, robust, low-maintenance design. The result:  

Safe and Easy Maintenance
Its front-loading seal and easy casing, cover and screw removal design make the FDS easier to maintain as it does not need to be pulled offline for service.

Long Service Life
Solid shafts and large, stable bearings allow the FDS to handle high loads under extreme conditions.  

Efficient Operation
The FDS is capable of handling the highest loads without overheating.

The FDS easily transports the most viscous products yet is suitable for low viscosities too.

Production and CIP with one pump

The FDS handles both production and CIP, is fully hygienic and can be sterilized too.

Consequently, we can offer you a unique product that has been refined down to the most minute detail. The Fristam FDS combines all the advantages of twin screw technology with our company’s traditionally high quality standards. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and offers maximum  flexibility.


FDS Twin Screw Pump Advantages

Fristam FDS pumps can be used in the most diverse and challenging applications with great success. While twin screw technology can be used in most every application that other positive displacement pumps are used, it does have its advantages.

Specialties include providing suction/pumps entrained air, pumping large solids, being efficient on shear-thinning product, and providing continuous flow/low pulsation. (more...)

Model Specs




FDS: Helping in a Variety of Industries


Find out how Fristam's FDS pump is helping customers in a variety of industries


FDS Specs

Models 4
Max. Discharge Pressure 363 psi (25 bar)
Max. Flow Rate 793 gpm (180 m3/h)
Max Viscosity 1,000,000 cps