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$200K + Savings a Year With Fristam FDS Twin Screw Pump

A large U.S. cosmetics manufacturer wanted to increase production for several different product lines, including gels, lotions, and creams. In moving the finished products from totes to filler machines for final packaging, they needed to increase their fill rate of containers from 15 to 75 pieces per minute.

Beyond increasing the flow rate, the manufacturer needed a pump capable of producing suction and lift to be able to pull the product from the totes. Pulling from totes means there is no additional static inlet pressure, and in some cases, difficult top unloading would be required.

These requirements could prove a difficult task for any pump. One traditional positive displacement pump, a circumferential piston pump, was considered. In practice, it could not provide enough suction to pull from the product totes. Then, another pump type, an air-operated diaphragm pump, was tested. It produced good suction but could not produce the desired flow. Also, its pulsing flow was not ideal for even dosing.

The cosmetics company turned to their local equipment provider for a solution. The supplier recommended the Fristam FDS twin screw pump. FDS pumps are noted for their high suction capability and ability to easily and efficiently handle a wide viscosity range. Fristam recommended the processor install two FDS size 2 pumps, each on a cart with a variable speed drive to allow the processor the flexibility to move the pumps to various locations in the plant. Because the FDS can pump within a wide range of rotational speeds, it allowed the company to speed or slow the pump to accommodate the different viscosities of the cosmetic products, from 5,000-250,000 cps.

Once installed, the Fristam FDS pumps proved they were up to the task and have allowed the customer to meet their production goals – successfully emptying all totes completely and quickly. Based on the exponential increase in production, the Fristam FDS pumps will save them a projected $200K per year in labor alone.

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