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FDS Streamlines Dosing Process and Saves Money

A large, international ice cream manufacturer was looking for a way to simplify the dosing process for their ice cream premix. The factory produces around 250 flavors of ice cream, with a variety of food inclusions. Because the company produces so many varieties, batch changes occur several times a day. With every batch change comes the challenge of pumping different food inclusions, each with a different viscosity, density and shape and size than the last batch.

Different Viscosities
Because most pumps can only handle a small range of viscosity, several pumps needed to be used throughout the day to handle the batches with varied viscosities. Switching pumps for the different viscosities wastes time and creates additional equipment costs. While searching for a better way, the ice cream manufacturer discovered the Fristam FDS twin screw pump could solve their problem. FDS pumps can transfer products as thin as 1 cps at 25 Bar and thick products up to 1,000,000 cps. The FDS pumps can therefore switch between pumping thick product to thin product as needed.

Different Sizes and Densities
Another issue they had was the size and density of the various food inclusions, which ranged from delicate, cooked fruit, to dense, hard nuts and small seeds. The processor learned that the gentle axial flow of the FDS pump allows them to pump whole strawberries without crushing them, and it prevents hard nuts and seeds from getting caught in the pump or causing equipment damage.

Since the FDS can handle varying viscosities and different food inclusion sizes and densities, they not only simplify the process, but reduce costs too, as there is no need for additional pumps.

Entrained Air
A further challenge the manufacturer faced was removing the air that entered the pipeline when switching between batches of ice cream. Because most pumps cannot pump entrained air, the processor needed to install an air bleeding system after their original pump in order for it to stay primed. Due to the excellent suction power of the Fristam FDS it can handle up to 70% entrained air and its output potential is not decreased by entrained air. Therefore with the FDS, a bleeding system—which has the potential to allow for atmospheric contamination—is no longer needed.

Cleaning in Place (CIP)
Lastly, the manufacturer wanted to simplify their CIP process. They needed a pump that was easy to clean and did not require additional CIP components. The FDS again proved to be the best solution. The ability of the Fristam FDS pumps to transfer media of various viscosities is not only a huge advantage for production, but it allows the FDS pumps to also serve as CIP return pumps, saving cleaning time and equipment costs. The plant eliminated additional piping, valves, and fittings.

By choosing Fristam FDS pumps, the ice cream manufacturer benefitted from having a solution that was perfectly suited to fulfill and simplify each complex stage of its intricate process. The FDS was able to save the processor time and money by reducing the need for additional equipment, eliminating potential contamination, and shortening the CIP process.

Since being installed in the summer of 2016, the FDS twin screw pumps have been running without any problems and the processor is pleased.


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