Wisconsin Brewing Company: Building For Success


When veteran craft brewer Kirby Nelson and his partners founded Wisconsin Brewing Company in 2011, they planned for sustained growth that would make them a major player well into the future. Two principles guided the selection of the equipment for the brewery: choose quality and buy local. Their pump of choice: Fristam Pumps. (press play above to watch)


Invest in Savings

Keep production running and spend less time and money on maintenance with quality Fristam equipment.

✔ Recover more beer and yeast.
✔ Reduce energy consumption.
✔ Save on CIP solution and water.
✔ Ensure all ingredients, like syrups and hops pellets, are mixed.

Let Fristam show you how.


German Born, American Made


Fristam is a leading worldwide manufacturer of stainless steel pumps, mixers and blenders designed for the brewing industry. With complete manufacturing facilities in the USA and Germany, Fristam is known for top quality, reliable performance, and high lifetime value. We have served brewers around the world for over 75 years.

Positive Displacement Pumps Family

Learn about our complete line of positive displacement pumps. We offer a wide variety of pumps to meet your production needs.

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Fristam Hops Dosing System


Simple, Safe Solution Since 2006
Over the past decade, the Fristam Hops Dosing System has proved itself to be a reliable and secure method to incorporate hops into finished beer.


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