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Cola Bottler Gains 150-200 Production Hours Yearly with FKL’s

Food Safety
Thorough cleaning and sanitizing of food and beverage processing equipment is essential in providing the highest level of product quality and safety, as well as establishing and maintaining consumer trust.

Today’s food and beverage processors know that CIP (Clean-in-Place) cleaning assures such results along with the benefits of reduced maintenance time, less labor-intensive cleaning, more repeatable results, and the reduced chance of equipment damage and employee injury from parts handling and exposure to cleaning chemicals.

The Move to Clean-In-Place

When the time came for a Dallas, TX-based cola bottler to replace its high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) transfer pumps, they knew they wanted to upgrade to fully CIP’able pumps, so they turned to Fristam for the solution.

When they discussed their application with their Fristam rep, they reported they required the transfer of Fructose 55 at 50-75 GPM, with pressures of 40-55 PSI, temperatures of 80-90° F and viscosities to 500 CPS, with a fully CIP’able pump.

Daily Teardown Headache

The cola maker had been using another brand of pump to transfer Fructose 55 from their silos to their blend tanks. These pumps required the processor remove the rotors at least once a day for COP (Clean-out-of-Place) cleaning. The daily teardown and hand cleaning of the two pumps equated to an estimated three to four production hours lost weekly, not to mention the chance of damaging the rotors or worse, employees when removing or reinstalling the rotors. Additionally, as a result of damage the rotors incurred during COP, the processor was spending at least $3,200 a year on replacement rotors for the two pumps.

Designed for CIP

Fristam knew they had the solution and quoted their FKL 150A positive displacement pump with double seals and CIP loop. As with all Fristam pumps, the FKL 150A’s are designed for all-parts-in CIP. Nothing, not even the rotors, is ever removed for cleaning.

The design of the Fristam FKL allows CIP flow to reach all areas of the pump, including the seals, while maintaining tight internal clearances for high efficiency, gentle product handling and minimal shear. Other manufacturers modify their PD pumps by increasing clearances for rotor-in CIP. These increased clearances reduce efficiency. With the FKL, clearances remain tight, efficiency remains high, and you can clean in place, truly.

Production Savings
Once installed, the Fristam FKL pumps transferred the product gently and efficiently and cleaned up quickly and completely, meeting the cola maker’s corporate specs with ease. Additionally, the processor was soon saving three to four hours in maintenance a week, which equates to 150-200 production hours yearly, and they have eliminated rotor replacement expenses of a minimum of $3,200 per year.

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