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FKL COP Eliminates $108K in Rebuild Costs

A major US meat processor was looking for a way to save on maintenance costs when pumping their mechanically separated chicken (MSC).

The MSC is extremely viscous, which can make it a difficult product to transport. In addition to the high viscosity, the processor was pumping the chicken at a rate of 600 gallons per minute, creating even more strain on their pumps. This caused the processor to rebuild their positive displacement pumps about every six months, due to shaft breakage and wear on the pump housing from rotor deflection when pumping the highly viscous MSC. Each repair cost the processor 50-70% of their pumps’ original cost, along with the inconvenience of maintenance time and shutting down production.

While searching for a solution, the processor discovered Fristam’s FKL COP pump. The FKL COP has lifetime guaranteed shafts and a balanced rotor design that reduces the possibility of deflection and wear. This means no breakage or rebuilds. Another advantage of the FKL COP is its simple design. The FKL COP was designed for processors who need to strip clean their pumps. There are only three parts to the seal, which makes for easy daily teardown. In the poultry industry, cleaning and sanitization are highly important, so easy cleaning is essential. After learning this, the processor decided to replace all five of their old positive displacement pumps with Fristam FKL COP pumps.

Because the Fristam FKL COP has a variety of options and configurations, processors are able to customize the pump to meet their needs. Fristam recommended a vertical port orientation and a large rectangular inlet so the chicken could flow freely and match the configuration of the gravity fed hopper supplying the MSC. The processor was then able to continue pumping at a rate of 600 gallons per minute, without straining and wearing down the pumps.

Now, the processor has had Fristam’s FKL COP pumps for two years, without any rebuilds, saving them an estimated $108K yearly. Beyond repair costs, the processor was also able to eliminate downtime caused by performing pump maintenance and reduce time spent cleaning their pumps nightly.

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