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FS Blender

FS Blender Solves Yogurt Texture Issue

A well-known dairy producer in Brazil created a new yogurt product but could not mass market it due to processing difficulties.

They had developed a new high protein Greek style yogurt. Their R & D team was able to produce a perfect version of it in their test lab; however, when they attempted to produce it on an industrial scale, they encountered a texture issue. Their new, full-scale operation with a texturization system was unable to shear the yogurt enough to reproduce the smooth mouth-feel it had in the test lab. With the full-scale system, the yogurt now had a gritty sand feeling due to its undissolved high protein ingredients. Additionally, the yogurt’s appearance was dull and cloudy and therefore not visually appealing.

Fristam learned of this issue when their Regional Manager visited the processor on a routine maintenance visit for their Fristam Powder Mixer, which was in use on another application in their facility. Fristam recommended the processor simply try a single Fristam FS shear blender with pyramid teeth, for medium shear, placed after their existing mixing tank to supplement the texturizing system and smooth out the yogurt.

The FS uses an intermeshed rotor/stator system to disperse particles into liquid. The rotating teeth pass within 0.5 mm of the stationary teeth at high speeds, causing a tremendous amount of turbulence. As centrifugal force pushes the product towards the outlet, the intensity of this turbulence ensures that all product must be thoroughly blended to exit the FS.

With the FS in place, all the wet and dry ingredients passed through the blender’s mixing zone and were completely dispersed in a single pass, allowing the yogurt to achieve the desired texture. Additionally the yogurt’s color and appearance were also now visually appealing. With these issues resolved, the dairy processor was finally able to release their Greek style yogurt into the market.

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