Fristam Powder Mixer

Better Blending In Less Time

Stop wasting your valuable time and money on outdated, oversized, or underperforming mixing systems.

The Fristam Powder Mixer provides quick, high-performance blending of wet and dry ingredients into a fluid stream. 

  • Dramatically reduces process times
  • Produces consistent batches
  • Devours lumps, clumps, and fisheyes
  • Cleans in place
  • Eliminates ladder climbing
  • Is fully customizable: sizes, configurations, and options




Quick and Thorough Mixing







Xanthan Gum

Corn Starch


Powder Mixer Specs

Models 7
Max. Induction Rate 600 lb/ min
Max. Flow Rate 350 gpm
Max Viscosity 5,000 cps

Same Great Mixing, Now with Higher Concentrations


Now, the Fristam Powder Mixer allows you to mix products at higher concentrations. 

The FS Shear Blender still devours lumps and clumps to provide consistent blending, but the use of our FDS Double Screw pump, in place of the FZX Liquid Ring Pump, allows the Fristam Powder Mixer to mix products at viscosities previously difficult to handle, up to 1,000,000 cps. 

Products can begin at lower viscosities and the FDS will maintain consistent suction as the product concentrations and viscosities climb past the point where traditional pumps would fail.

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Powder Mixer Case Studies

Find out how our Powder Mixer is solving problems in a variety of industries.

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