Fristam FKL: Rotors In. Hands Off. True CIP.

No Parts Removed

True CIP means nothing needs to be removed from a pump to clean in place. At Fristam, we believe not only the pump should remain in place during CIP, but all of its parts: cover and rotors. Nothing needs to be cleaned "out of place."

Time, Money, Safety

Save time, save money, promote safety. The Fristam FKL positive displacement pump keeps your production running. Eliminating rotor removal and reinstallation reduces downtime and eliminates the chance of damaging pump parts, or worse yet, injuring employees.

No Performance Loss

True CIP means no performance loss. The design of the Fristam FKL allows CIP flow to reach all areas of the pump, including the seals. Other manufacturers modify their PD pumps by increasing clearances for rotor-in CIP. These increased clearances reduce efficiency. With the FKL, clearances remain tight, efficiency remains high, and you can clean in place, truly.

True CIP in the News

Oskaloosa Food Products (IA): Existing PD pumps required daily teardown and removal of rotors to be cleaned and daily USDA inspection and verification of cleanability. With the Fristam FKL, no teardown or rotor removal was required, and inspections were only necessary once a week.

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Tech Tip: CIP Set-up

Learn more about the best methods for CIP'ing a rotors-in PD pump: the partial bypass loop....

Much More Than True CIP

The Fristam FKL is the most durable and reliable sanitary PD pump. See how the FKL is "Engineered For Lasting Performance."

Fristam Pumps FKL Rock Solid Performance Guarantee