FDS Twin Screw Pump Advantages

Fristam FDS pumps can be used in the most diverse and challenging applications with great success. While twin screw technology can be used in most every application that other positive displacement pumps are used, it does have its advantages. Specialties include providing suction/pumps entrained air, pumping large solids, being efficient on shear-thinning product, and providing continuous flow/low pulsation.

ADVANTAGE: Provides suction/pumps entrained air

  • Drum unloading
  • OJ concentrate
  • Bakery yeast slurries
  • Beer

ADVANTAGE: Pumps large solids

  • Soups/sauces with chunks
  • Frozen dinner solids, mac ‘n cheese
  • Meat slurries
  • Fruit fillings/toppings

ADVANTAGE: Is efficient on shear-thinning product

  • Yogurt
  • Ketchup/mayo
  • Shampoo/lotion
  • Toothpaste

ADVANTAGE: Provides continuous flow/low pulsation

  • Heat exchanger/UHT supply
  • Ice cream inclusion e.g. fruits, nuts, chocolate
  • Live cells/cultures
  • Foaming-sensitive personal care products

FDS Specs

Models 5
Max. Discharge Pressure 363 psi (25 bar)
Max. Flow Rate 2000 gpm (450 m3/h)
Max Viscosity 1,000,000 cps

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