Case Study: FDS Cuts Process Time by 90%

Drum unloading, or the process of removing large amounts of product or ingredients from drums or totes, is a common bottleneck in the production line for manufacturers in several industries. Because drum unloading with a pump requires strong suction, choosing the right pump ensures a smooth and hassle-free production process. A major US food processor was using a rotary lobe positive displacement pump to unload their fruit puree and was not pleased with the results. Unloading each 55‑gallon drum of fruit puree took an hour and a half because of the pump’s inadequate suction capability, which slowed down production.

In searching for a better way to unload the drums of fruit puree, the processor turned to a local equipment supplier that recommended the Fristam FDS twin screw pump. The FDS is known for its high suction capability, making it a good choice for their production goals. The processor decided to test the FDS to see how much time they could save. Fristam’s application engineers recommended the FDS 1‑3, which is the smallest model (1) with a higher-capacity screw type (3) to help move the puree quickly. When they tested the FDS 1‑3, the 55‑gallon drum of fruit puree was fully unloaded in 10 minutes. The processor was very impressed with the time reduction, but the rest of their production line could not keep up with how quickly the puree was unloaded.
Fristam’s team of engineers then recommended the FDS 1‑2, which has a smaller screw pitch (2) for great suction but a little less volume, allowing the puree to be unloaded at the desired rate. After testing the FDS 1‑2, the processor decided the pump was a perfect fit for their production line. Now the processor has been using the FDS for 2 months and is very pleased with the time savings they have experienced. Drum unloading is no longer a bottleneck in the production process.

FDS Specs

Models 4
Max. Discharge Pressure 363 psi (25 bar)
Max. Flow Rate 793 gpm (180 m3/h)
Max Viscosity 1,000,000 cps

FDS Twin Screw Pump Advantages

Fristam FDS pumps can be used in the most diverse and challenging applications with great success. While twin screw technology can be used in most every application that other positive displacement pumps are used, it does have its advantages.

Specialties include providing suction/pumps entrained air, pumping large solids, being efficient on shear-thinning product, and providing continuous flow/low pulsation. (more...)