Case Study: FDS Replaces Problem Progressive Cavity Pump

Hot Sauce Headache
A southern US food manufacturer was experiencing challenges maintaining their de-aeration pump. The pump was used in the process of making hot sauce, a popular condiment made from peppers, vinegar, and salt.  They employed a progressive cavity (PC) pump to empty the hot sauce from a vacuum-sealed 250-gallon tank and send it to the bottle filler. The PC pump did a good job of emptying the tank, but that wasn't the concern.

The problem was that the pump was a maintenance nightmare. A PC pump is especially sensitive to running dry, even for a few seconds, causing its rotor to tear up the rubber stator and put its pieces into the hot sauce batch. These factors meant that the PC pump needed to be rebuilt at least every six months. Each time, production needed to be stopped to work on the failed pump.

Spare Parts No Spare Change
Not only that, but the spare parts were expensive, roughly $3500 each instance and took at least 10 weeks to arrive from Europe. 

A New Technology
The food processor turned to Fristam Pumps for a solution. Fristam specified an FDS model 2-3 twin screw pump with a double seal.

The FDS's double seal and the ability to run dry for a short time eliminated the main aspect of pump damage. Though no pump should be run dry, some are more forgiving than others. 

Most importantly to the hot sauce manufacturer, with manufacturing being located in Middleton WI, Fristam was able to supply a complete pump in a timely fashon and eliminate the need for rebuilds or replacement parts.

The pump has been running since 2019 with no maintenance concerns.



FDS Twin Screw Pump Advantages

Fristam FDS pumps can be used in the most diverse and challenging applications with great success. While twin screw technology can be used in most every application that other positive displacement pumps are used, it does have its advantages.

Specialties include providing suction/pumps entrained air, pumping large solids, being efficient on shear-thinning product, and providing continuous flow/low pulsation. (more...)

FDS Specs

Models 4
Max. Discharge Pressure 363 psi (25 bar)
Max. Flow Rate 793 gpm (180 m3/h)
Max Viscosity 1,000,000 cps