Solid Shaft


When constructing the shaft, we specifically focused on adding strength in the area of its critical diameter. This ensures maximum rigidity even under the most difficult conditions and results in an especially smooth run, along with lower operating temperatures also under elevated pressure. Ultimately, it expands the FDS’ lifespan significantly.

Optimized Bearing Support

The combination of particularly large bearings and an increased bearing distance result in impressive stability and superior rigidity even with high axial forces and extreme rotation speeds. The central positioning of the gearwheels makes the FDS a compact design.

Its construction is laid out for optimized lubrication and oil circulation. Consequently, the bearings are always immersed in an optimized quantity of oil flowing along a specifically designed circulation path, which ensures a significantly longer service life. 

FDS Specs

Models 5
Max. Discharge Pressure 363 psi (25 bar)
Max. Flow Rate 2000 gpm (450 m3/h)
Max Viscosity 1,000,000 cps