Guaranteed To Never Break

Thousands of FKL positive displacement pumps are in service around the world in many demanding applications. Never, ever, not even once has an FKL shaft been broken.

 “The pressure gauge pegged out at 700 PSI but the pump still ran.”
- Butter manufacturer

The FKL Positive Displacement pump is engineered for lasting performance. Its shafts have diameters up to 25% larger than other PDs, making them exponentially stronger. In fact, they are guaranteed for life never to break.

The durable FKL is rated for up to 500 PSI standard—more than double what other PD pumps offer. Even applications at lower pressures will see shaft deflection and wear in lesser rated pumps, which leads to costly rebuilds and replacement.

Stop rebuilding, replacing, and spending your valuable time on other PD pumps. Fristam pumps simply run better and last longer.

See for yourself.

Fristam FKL: Durable and Reliable

100% Uptime, No Rebuilds

A typical tomato processing season in California lasts just 120 days. From roughly July to October, tomatoes grown earlier in the summer are harvested, processed, and canned.

California supplies over 90% of the processed tomatoes in the United States and the supply needs to last an entire year. With such relatively little time to accomplish this, production equipment must operate constantly, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Any interruption in the process can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost time.


$100,000 Increase in Profits


See how a dairy increased profits by $100,000 per year by increasing yields.