FKL "Classic" PD Pump

Fristam redesigned the FKL...featuring a sleeker, cleaner exterior, split-style gearbox for easy access to bearings and shafts, and customizable port-to-port dimensions for easy drop-in replacement of other PD pumps.

The larger models (580, and 600) will remain in the original 'classic' style. Please contact Fristam for more information.


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How is the Redesigned FKL Different from the Classic?

Same Great Pump as the Original FKL
►Same displacements
►Same hydraulic performance
►Same footprint and port dimensions
►Same seals and rotors
►Same up to 500 PSI standard
Exciting New Features
►Rounded exterior for sleek look and improved cleanability
►Stainless steel gearbox option for difficult environments
►Split-style gearbox for easy access to bearings and shafts
►Customizable port-to-port dimensions for easy replacement of other pumps
►Labyrinth-style bearing isolators for maximum protection