FKL Partial Bypass Loop for CIP

Although the Fristam FKL is designed for cover-on, rotors-in True CIP, there are a few considerations to ensure a safe and effective CIP procedure when cleaning an FKL. To accommodate increased flow during CIP without having to speed up the pump, it is necessary to divert some of the cleaning solution.

  1. Allow enough time for all of the wetted components inside the pump to reach a steady-state temperature before you start the pump.
  2. If your process does not allow you to stop the pump during this transition, you need to install rotors that provide larger clearances. (Fristam standard clearance rotors are rated for 140°F temperature differential. High-temp rotors are rated for Δ210°F.)  Run pump at around 100 rpm with a minimum of 10 psi back pressure.
  3.  Required back pressure will need to increase as the product viscosity increases.
  4. Use a partial bypass loop around the pump during the CIP mode to maintain fluid velocity through piping.

FKL partial bypass loop illustration


True CIP in the News

Oskaloosa Food Products (IA): Existing PD pumps required daily teardown and removal of rotors to be cleaned and daily USDA inspection and verification of cleanability. With the Fristam FKL, no teardown or rotor removal was required, and inspections were only necessary once a week.

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